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I have dedicated myself to contemporary music for many years. My main interests are the exploration and the expansion of the possibilities of the saxophone and the development of its repertoire. The main ways in which I conduct this research are the direct collaboration with the composers and the exchange of ideas with other musicians. 

Grido (Shout) is a project that aims at exploring the full range of expressive possibilities that the saxophone offers. Each composer brings a unique approach and style, which makes for a stimulating mix of colors and sounds that highlight both the concrete and amorphous capacity of the instrument. The musical programs proposed offer a sonic journey that presents a continuous meandering through various states from calm to anxiety, sounds ranging from vocal to instrumental, rhythmical moments that are solid then scattered, tonal qualities that move from vivid to somber, and textural environments here thick and opaque, there ephemeral and transparent - a combination of sensations that formulate a rich experience and provide a multifarious perspective of contemporary thought on the saxophone. 

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