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ilSuono Contemporary Music Week

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I've been the Executive Director of ilSuono Contemporary Music Week since 2016. This project is annually held in Città di Castello and consists in a series of events such as conferences, lectures,  and concerts dedicated to contemporary music.

The International ilSUONO Contemporary Music Week is a grassroots new music collaborate initiative between Italian ensemble Suono Giallo and Greek composer Theocharis Papatrechas. Shaped as a rigorous summer assembly of emerging contemporary musicians, ilSUONO celebrates excellence in composition, performance practices and computer music. It was founded in 2016 and takes place annually in Città di Castello, Italy during the summer season.


ilSUONO’s core objective is to provide emerging composers with a unique forum in which participants polish musical skills through private instruction and composition seminars with renowned composers from elite institutions, and have performance opportunities by highly skilled new music instrumentalists for quality portfolio built up.


Τhe course has been formed to support "young" emerging composers:  ilSUONO participant composers are of all ages and walks of life, who are in the early stages of their compositional career. Most likely, they are currently enrolled in or have recently graduated from an academic institution (either undergraduate, or graduate), and are in search for community.


In ilSUONO, participants: work intimately with renowned composers from elite institutions; participate in academically and artistically challenging lectures and organized discussions on composition, electronic music, and performance; write new works to be premiered by the resident ensemble; work closely and extensively with instrumentalists of the resident ensemble; have additional performance opportunities by guest ensembles.


Ultimately, ilSUONO celebrates the art of contemporary music. Instrumentalists and ensembles from around the globe are invited to Città di Castello to present their performative perspectives and artistic aesthetics and work side-by-side contemporary composers, producing the music of our times.

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