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Michele Bianchini, Italian saxophonist, is dedicated to the development and research of new repertoire in contemporary music both as a soloist and as a member of different chamber music ensembles.

He has performed at renowned Italian and foreign institutions such as New York University, Symphony Space Hall (USA), Megaron in Athens (Greece), Eastman School of Music Rochester (Usa), Fabrik in Potdsam (Germany), Hartford University, Colorado College, International Festival of contemporary music in Perm (Russia), Moscow Philarmonic, Moscow Conservatory, Intersonanzen 2016 Festival of Contemporary Music in Potdsam, 17° World Saxophone congress in Strasburg (France), Ravenna Festival, 18° World Saxophone Congress, L’Aquila contemporanea, 35° Nuovi Spazi Musicali Festival di musica contemporanea, Festival Germi di musica contemporanea di Roma, Festival di Nuova musica di Macerata, among others.

He has premiered works by: N. Tzortzis, R. Cendo, A. Khubeev, G. Colombo Taccani, I. Fedele, A. Gentile, T.Papatrechas, L. Gregoretti F. De Rossi Re, Wei-Chieh Lin and he worked with F. Bedrossian and S. Sciarrino among others.

Since 2016, he has organized ilSuono Contemporary Music Week together with the Greek composer Theocharis Papatrechas. This project, annually held in Città di Castello, consist in a series of events dedicated to contemporary music.

He has recorded works for Navona Records, A Simple Lunch, Brilliant Classics, Ars Publica and MapEditions.



- Grido -

sax solo w/ electronics 

I have dedicated myself to contemporary music for many years. My main interests are the exploration and the expansion of the possibilities of the saxophone and the development of its repertoire. The main ways in which I conduct this research are the direct collaboration with the composers and the exchange of ideas with other musicians. 

Grido (Shout) is a project that aims at exploring the full range of expressive possibilities that the saxophone offers. Each composer brings a unique approach and style, which makes for a stimulating mix of colors and sounds that highlight both the concrete and amorphous capacity of the instrument. The musical programs proposed offer a sonic journey that presents a continuous meandering through various states from calm to anxiety, sounds ranging from vocal to instrumental, rhythmical moments that are solid then scattered, tonal qualities that move from vivid to somber, and textural environments here thick and opaque, there ephemeral and transparent - a combination of sensations that formulate a rich experience and provide a multifarious perspective of contemporary thought on the saxophone. 




Michele Bianchini


Music by Theocharis Papatrechas, Fabrizio Volpi, Georgia Spiropoulos, Itzam Zapata, Nicolas Tzortzis, Alexander Khubeev, Giovanni Santini, Wei Chieh Lin

Ars Publica

95909 A MINIMAL SAX-Booklet-02_page-0001

Freem Saxophone Quartet

A Minimal Sax

Iacopo Sammartano, soprano sax

Riccardo Guazzini, alto sax

Michele Bianchini, tenor sax

Fabio Lombrici, baritone sax

Music by S. Reich, P. Glass, M. Nyman, M. Torke

Brilliant Classics

Virginia Guastella

so far so good

Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali,Quartetto Prometeo, Sentieri Selvaggi, Nyky Trio, Michele Bianchini, Virginia Guastella, Giacomo Baldelli e Marco Fusi

Music by Virginia Guastella

MAP Editions 2016

Nyky Trio

...à bout de souffle...

Nyky Trio

Andrea Biagini, flute

Irene Boschi, piano

Michele Bianchini, sax


Music by di Roberta Vacca, Virginia Guastella, Ada Gentile, Luca Lombardi, Stefano Taglietti, Vito Palumbo, Mario Pagotto, Fabrizio De Rossi Re.

A Simple Lunch Record

Ensemble Suono Giallo

Omaggio ad Alberto Burri

Namaste No Borders Quartet 

Andrea Biagini, flute

Fabio Battistelli, clarinet

Laura Mancini, percussion

Michele Bianchini, sax

Simone Nocchi, piano

Music by Ada Gentile, Mauro Porro, Stefano Taglietti, Di Vittorio, Roberto Fabbriciani, Alessandro Sbordoni, Vito Palumbo, Fabrizio De Rossi Re

A Simple Lunch Record

Ayala Asherov

Cycles of the moon - chamber works

Namaste No Borders Quartet 

Guido Arbonelli, clarinet

Andrea Biagini, flute

Michele Bianchini, sax

Giovanni Sorana, piano

Arianna Tieghi, clarinet

Music by Ayala Asherov (Prelude, Kiss and Dance)

Navona Records

In memoriam Dinu Ghezzo

Namaste No Borders Quartet 

Guido Arbonelli, clarinet

Andrea Biagini, flute

Michele Bianchini, sax

Giovanni Sorana, piano

Music by Dinu Ghezzo, Charles Nichols, Francesco Rosa, Linda Marcel, Orlando Legname, Mauro Porro.

International Arts Educators Forum - iCIA Inc. 2013



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